SDY Energy - Valves, Pumps and Actuators


Process Manual Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Butterfly, Cryogenic, Needle, Double Block & Bleed Ball Valves

On Off Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Plug, Butterfly)

Control Valves (Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Instrument Double Block & Bleed, Choke)

HIPPS Systems

SDY Energy Actuators


We provide below materials according to ASME, DIN, EN and JIS standards.

API 610, API 676, API 685

Submersible Pumps

. Submersible Electric Pump
. Submersible Motor Pump

Surface Pumps

. Split Case Pumps
. Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
. Surface Vertical Volute Pumps
. Vertical Pumps

Process Pumps

. Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pumps
. Multistage Magnetic Drive Pump

Fire Fighting

. Horizontal Split Case Type
. Vertical Shaft, turbine Type

Chemical Injection Pump

SDy Energy Cybersecurity Valves and Pumps


Multi Turn Actuator

Quarter Turn Actuator

Smart Quarter Turn Intelligent Actuator

Linear Electric Valve Actuator

Spring Return Fail Safe Actuator

Batterfy Backup Fail Safe Actuator